I realized his morning that the biggest “sin” for me is not all the stupid or

foolish things that I do. You know, the stuff you do that you know is wrong,

or just a waste of time, like, getting pissed off because you spilled something

in the kitchen when you were in a hurry. And then you in turn snap at your child

when he asks for you to sign his field trip form. He is in a hurry to catch

the bus and wants you to do it ‘right now.’  And you are trying to clean…

You may say something edifying like, “NOT NOW! Can’t you see I’m trying to …”

fill in the blank. You get it. Now his feelings are hurt. He kicks the dog on the way out.

The dog goes and bites the cat. The cat in turn claws the sofa. And you are

filled with a mix of anger and guilt. And you throw the cat outside. Anyway, I could

go on.

What I realized, was that the “stuff” I do, the little stuff, or the stupid “thing” is

not the issue. Not the big thing. My “Sin” is simply not believing what God

says about me in His Word. Not believing that I have been made righteous

through His son, Jesus Christ. That I am righteous. That there is no

condemnation to them that be in Christ.

Not believing that I am God’s masterpiece. That’s my sin. My broken fellowship.

Just means that I don’t trust God. Why is it that I have to push myself to believe

the truth? It should be the other way around, shouldn’t it? That I (we ) have to

convince ourselves of a lie, rather than the truth. This is SO backwards.

God’s word is truth. All we have to do is believe it. Turn the world, and our lives,

back right side up. The way God set it up. Simple. (not easy) So, hey, don’t

get talked out of it. God has it laid out, the path is straight. Just walk it.

You are God’s masterpiece.


Ephesians 2:10

“For we are God’s workmanship (masterpiece), created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained (prepared) that we should walk in them.”