Would you go to work stoned and try to be productive?
What if you were a top executive, or a small business owner, and you had some high priority projects to do. Would you attempt to do them while high? Or would you want to be frosty so you could perform at your peak?

The answer is obvious, right?

I recently read part of a study about multi-tasking.
The study revealed that a person attempting to “focus” on only 3 things at once (like writing a report while answering the phone and carrying on an online chat or email with a friend) was actually less focused and less productive than a person who was doing only one thing while stoned. Don’t take this out of context and think you will be more productive smoking a joint before work…

At first I didn’t buy it. Mostly because I often do several things at once, and I like to think I am really smokin’ with productivity. I mean, I’m SO BUSY that I must be really productive, right?

Here’s the funny thing. I tell my teenage son to focus only on his homework while doing homework. “Turn off the cell phone and stop texting. Log off the Facebook. Get off gmail. FOCUS ON YOUR WORK until you’re done. Then do the other stuff.”

But still I try to do more than one thing at once and think I can handle it. So I don’t need to follow my own directions. Duh.

This morning, I had just pressed a pot of fresh coffee. I reached under the cabinet and pulled out the carafe and placed it on the counter and began to pour the coffee. I realized the cabinet door was still open. So, rather than waiting until the coffee was poured and then turning around to close the door, I reached behind me to close it with one hand while pouring the coffee with the other. Bad idea.

The result? A counter covered with coffee and a cabinet door that was still hanging open.
Good job. Was I stoned? The study sprang back into my mind…

So, we really are better doing one thing and focusing like a laser until finished. Then moving on to the next thing. Really.

Don’t buy in to the “multi – tasking myth.” How many plates can you spin before you drop them all? Better to do one thing well than do several things poorly.