“Life is Backward”

Is your life simple or complicated?

(Warning: Long ass post ahead. Read at your own risk)

Just the beginning. How long until harvest?

Just the beginning. How long until harvest?

Here is the simple version:
Ever notice how demanding our culture can be?
I know that you and I “never” go get fast food, right?
But if you did… you would probably notice people wanting their food “right now!” and getting impatient if it takes more than 1 minute. Literally.

And I know you have lovingly prepared a nice meal at home. With the time involved in planning, shopping, preparing and cooking, it may have taken several hours to make.

But which was better tasting? Better for you?
And which took the most effort?

That’s a simple example of what I mean when I say “life is backward.” In our culture, for the most part, the things that are fastest, easiest and in many cases, least expensive, are the things that are the least benefit to you. Often downright bad for you. Ask your teenager why they eat at Taco Bell. They won’t say it’s because they love the food or they know it is healthy. They will say: “It’s cheap!”

If you lived on a farm or have ever grown a garden, then you know this truth deep inside:

Great things take time. And effort.

If you want delicious home grown tomatoes, you don’t just step into the backyard and expect to pick some and bring them in. Unless you have taken the time to plant the seed, till the soil, water and care for your plants for a long time. And then, finally, when the work is done, and the time has passed, you go out and harvest.

Do you see the ridiculous value our culture places on “Instant Gratification?”

It’s like walking to an empty fireplace and demanding heat.
Without building a fire. ridiculous.

But people do it all the time.
They want to start an online business and make $20, 000 a month in the next 90 days. But they have never run a business or made more than a couple of thousand a month.

Kids want to be Michael Jordan without practicing hundreds (OK> Thousands) of hours.

Young couples want to start out with everything their parents have. Which may have taken a lifetime to build.

Get the point?

Someone said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
And it is true. I’m sure it could be built faster today, with modern technology, etc. But still not in a day.

So the principle is this:

You reap what you sow.
And you have to sow, before you reap.

Get busy planting the seeds you need to grow a the harvest you want.

Harvest time

Harvest time