Missoula is just quirky enough to keep my attention.

I’m told we have more micro breweries per capita than any place in the US. (I did not fact check it – just go with it)

Not that long ago, I had a fund raiser meeting for a local non-profit.

The coordinator was a pastor for a local church. Well respected and very conservative. When he called the first planning meeting, he said to meet a local brewery. Was I surprised? Yeah, more than a little. But was I glad? Oh yes.

This was a good sign that our group and planning would not be a bunch of boring blah blah about raising money because it was “For the children.”

Travel back in time with me…

I grew up in a very conservative southern Baptist area.

A place where even saying the word beer could send you straight to hell.

Drinking was a major taboo. I really thought that anyone that drank was a dirtbag sinner.

(My dad drank. He was a deacon in the church. I was confused.)

Baby in a brewery. Is that weird?

Baby in a brewery. Is that weird?


Ok, back to now.

I have come a long way since my religious upbringing. I even drink beer without fear of meeting a firey pitchfork toting red fella.

So back to the brewery.

We had a nice group of volunteers to help raise some money.

A police officer, a pastor, insurance agent, several others, and a mommy with her 12 month old.

At first I thought, “Hey. This is a brewery. No place for a baby!”

Then I realized it wasn’t a big deal. She was here to help, and needed to bring her child.

During our meeting, 2 things happened. 

First, fund raiser junior managed to grab the edge of mommy’s beer and dump it on himself. It spilled across that little diaper, and ran onto the table, causing “Young Brewster” to end up sitting in a puddle of pilsner.

Funny thing about diapers – they are absorbent.

So half pint will go home smelling like beer. And wearing beer. Literally.

And mom just laughed and said, “Oh well”

The second thing I noticed was that several people watched mom with baby with scorn and disdain.

I could feel the condemnation lazering across the room to my friend. I tried to shield her from the mildly intoxicated judgment of the beer drinking church people. (Yeah, it as a little weird)

Fast forward

We ended up raising over $300,000 for a kids organization.

So what?

What kind of life lesson can you find in a soaked beer diaper?

Simply this:

If you waste time worrying about what others think of you, when you are pursuing your life, you really are wasting precious time.

Get over worrying about what others think, and build your dream. Period.

Now, say a prayer and go grab a beer. And do something great.